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How Solar Works

  • At Hyland Solar we have faith in the power of the sun, and we want all Singaporean to feel the same, which starts with understanding. Here is a simplified version of how solar energy works and why you should take advantage of it.


  • Photovoltaic (PV or Solar Panels) modules generate Direct Current (DC) power from the sun.


  • An Inverter then converts DC power into 240V Alternating Current (AC) power for use at your property.


  • The building uses the solar electricity generated, any excess power is fed back into the grid. Meaning you are using the power of the sun to run your appliances.


  • A Bi-directional meter (Net Meter) then measures electricity fed back to the grid for which you would receive credits from your electricity retailer.

How Solar Works
Benefits of Solar

Benefits of Solar

Solar Savings

Solar Power System can save you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars every year on your electricity bill. For example, an average household can save between $534 and $1,150 per year, depending on location and daily power consumption with a 3.0kW solar power system. As the price of electricity goes up every year, so will the savings.


Over the years, Hyland Solar has helped all Singaporean household enjoy solar power benefits that include:

Reduced electricity bills for years to come.

Minimized impact from huge energy price increases.

An increase in their home value.

Improved living environment.

Maintaining a better quality of life.

A reduction in their carbon footprint.

Sense of environmental responsibility.


Small actions and changes in your everyday behavior can reduce the consumption of your electricity significantly and reduce your payback period.

Making your home or business more energy efficient will make the most of your solar system. Some of the ways you can do this include:

  • Using your appliances during the day, when your solar system is producing electricity.

  • Turn appliances off, at the wall, to make sure they are completely off and not on “stand by”.

  • Replace your appliances with energy efficient ones.

  • Turn the thermostat down on your hot water heater. This could be the major usage of power in your home if you have an electric booster hot water system.

  • Turn of air conditioners and heaters if you aren’t home, and only use them in rooms that are occupied.

  • Use only energy efficient light bulbs.

  • Install shades or blinds on your windows to prevent heat gain in your home.

  • Hyland Solar can customize a solar panel system that will make the best and most efficient use of the electricity your system produces.


That’s why you need to call one of our professional team members today, so you can look forward to a brighter future.


Why Go Solar?

It’s really becoming a no brainer these days. Renewables are where the future of Singapore energy is heading. It’s not only good for you and your family directly but the world at large. By going solar, you can save extraordinary amounts of money on power and protect yourself from future power price increases, in fact, if you can afford those power bills you can afford solar! Investing in solar will pay for itself over time and give you power bills you can smile at.

Why go solar


Although the upfront cost of solar can appear daunting, if you can afford your power bill you can afford a solar system. By downloading the sun for free the average Singaporean household (with an average size 5kW system) saves $1,200 every year on solar per year. 

Whether you plan to install a larger system and aim for 100% of grid power or you just want to shrink your bill down to something you can smile at, you can be a part of 5.9 million Singapore that don’t have to worry about the increasing cost of grid electricity. 


A bonus to all of this is solar systems add value to your property and as solar technology improves and its demand increases, solar has become more affordable than ever!

Solar Brands We Install

Just some of the top ranked solar brands we currently use


What Our Recent Customers
Have to Say!

Good value, easy transaction. would use again. :-)


Good value, easy transaction. would use again. :-)


Good value, easy transaction. would use again. :-)


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