SYSTEM BRIEFING – Grid Tie Solar Power Generation System

What is Grid-Tie Solar Power Generation System and How does it work?

The word "Grid-Tie" means that the solar power system is tied with the Singapore Power Gird.As we all know,every house has its own DB(electrical distribution box),which is connected to the power grid, takes electricity from power grid and then distributes power to all home devices.

Based on this working principle, Solar Power Generation System works as another supply source of the DB except of the power grid, and supply to all home usage with priority. Whereas the power grid will balance the solar power generation system supply:supplement supply when solar system is not sufficient or available.

When solar system is producing moreelectricity than consumption amount, the extra amount will be exported back to power grid with a 2-way meter to be supplied and installed by SP Service.

Simply speaking, the solar system will be bypass to your existing DB as another power source, and no inernal.

Sketch of Working Principle

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