Inverters – Power TRIO-27.6-TL

General Description
Medium Scale Application Inverter(Tranformerless), mainly used for single installation of 27-30kW project. It can be connected in serial to 2-3MW project, which is quite suitable for commercial and industrial applications. Its main features are twin-MPPT design (wide MPPT voltage range) with max efficiency at 98.2%.
TÜV, CE, DK5940, G59/2, AS4777, BDEW, VDE AR N 4105, CGC certification, compliance with Italian medium voltage grid requirement.
DC Input Side Data
Max. PV input power(DC1/DC2) 27600W
Max. PV input voltage 1000V
Startup voltage 360V
MPP voltage range for nominal power 500~800V
No. of MPPTs 2
Max. PV input current(DC1/DC2) 64A(32A/ 32A)
AC Output Side Data
Nominal AC output power 27600W
Max. AC output apparent power 30000W
Max. AC output current 45
Nominal AC voltage 400Vac (three phase)
AC voltage range 310~480Vac (May vary as per corresponding country’s grid standard)
Nominal grid frequency 50Hz/60Hz
THD < 3 % (Nominal power)
DC current injection <0.5%ln
Power factor > 0.995, (adj. +/- 0.9, or fixed by display down to +/-0.8 with max 30 kVA)
Anti-islanding protection Yes
DC reverse connection protection Yes
AC short circuit protection Yes
Leakage current protection Yes