Inverters – SG12KTL

General Description
Small Scale Application Inverter(Tranformerless), mainly used for 12-13kW residential projects. Its main features are twin-MPPT design (wide MPPT voltage range) with max efficiency at 98%.
TÜV, CE, Enel-GUIDA, CGC certification, compliance with BDEW and VDE AR N 4105
DC Input Side Data
Max. PV input power(DC1/DC2) 12800W(6400W/6400W)
Max. PV input voltage 1000V
Startup voltage 270V
MPP voltage range for nominal power 330~800V
No. of MPPTs 2
Max. PV input current(DC1/DC2) 40A(20A/ 20A)
AC Output Side Data
Nominal AC output power 12000W
Max. AC output apparent power 13300VA
Max. AC output current 21A
Nominal AC voltage 3/N/PE, 230/240Vac
AC voltage range 310~480Vac (May vary as per corresponding country’s grid standard)
Nominal grid frequency 50Hz/60Hz
THD < 3 % (Nominal power)
DC current injection <0.5% In
Power factor >0.99@default value at nominal power, (adj. 0.9 overexited ~0.9 underexited)
Anti-islanding protection Yes
DC reverse connection protection Yes
AC short circuit protection Yes
Leakage current protection Yes