Determine how to position the clamp and which side of the clamp to load the set screws into. When attaching to machine folded seams (regardless of panel profile and geometry), S-5! clamps are designed to engage the seam as shown (4). For horizontal seam applications, the set screws must be accessible from the top for tightening (1). On many snap-together type seams, the set screws are opposite the open (or overlap) side of the seam (2). On some seams, this aspect of clamp orientation is not critical (3,5).

Some S-5! clamps have up to four set screw locations to make the clamp more versatile. Only two set screws are used per clamp.

Take care that:
  • the bolt hole is in the desired (upslope or downslope) orientation.
  • the set screws are on the correct side of the seam.

Position the clamps appropriately on the panel seam. Both screws should be in the same side of the clamp.

NOTE: Some horizontal seams may require additional hand crimping at the clamp location. Consult your S-5! distributor for tool information.

Using a 3/16” allen-wrench attachment tip (provided with the clamps) on a 1/4” drive screwgun, tighten and retighten set screws as the seam material compresses. 

Most of our clamps require the set screws to be tensioned between 115 and 150 in-lbs. Please visit our load table to determine the proper screw tensions. The table may also give cautionary notes for your projects’ panel seams. Most industrial grade screwguns are rated at 115 inch-pounds tightening torque and deliver between 115 and 150 in-lbs (13-17Nm) at the highest torque setting.

On shorter seam profiles, a 4” bit extension on the screwgun will facilitate this work. (see right). 

Caution: Battery-operated guns may not deliver consistent screw tension. Drywall guns may not deliver adequate tension.

A variety of S-5!™ clamp styles are available. The S-5-U (above left) will fit most “structural” and “architectural” panel seam styles. S-5-T is for “T” shaped seam profiles. S-5-Z is specially designed to fit ZipRib® and similar profiles. S-5-B is a brass clamp, for standing or batten seam copper. S-5-E is an aluminum clamp designed to fit traditional double folded standing seam. Custom and special clamp inquires are also invited.

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