RESIDENTIAL SOLUTIONS - Customer Testimonials

Up to now, we have installed hundreds of private houses in Singapore with installation capacity from 5kW-30kW, and the system output and reliability is quite satisfactory.

I decided to install the Solar PV system from Hyland Holdings Pte Ltd in the year 2012, and I was very suspicious about the reliability and functionability at beginning. However, I was convinced by the sales man, and I did a try.

After about 1 year observation, I found it does bring me some saving, which is around $450 per month in average.

My expectation of payback is around 5-6 years, however, the system now can get payback in 7 years, which is more or less satisfy my requirements.

Up to now, there is no any maintenance for the system.

        - Mr. Baram

Utility consumption for my household due 24 hours running of Pumps in Fish Pond plust whole house centralized Air-conditioning had been very costly around S$1700 per month. Upon installation of solar panels, the Utility Charges saved at average of S$700 each month. I consider this saving very substantial.

Additionally, with panels installed over the roof, there’s been some reduction of the temperature on our 4th Floor Attic Room and also very much dampening of sounds when raining.

And I will introduce solar panel installation to other house owners, as the PV system definitely is worthy to be installed.

Finally, the Green Energy can save our earth!

        - Mr. Tan

I happenly want to install the solar PV system when my 20 years old Solar Water Heater was spoiled.

Upon installation of the solar system, my electricity bill cut down around S$800 per month, and compared with my first investment, I suppose I can get the payback in around 80-90 months.

Even though, the payback is not as short as 5-6 years, I am still happy with the system.

        - Dr Sng